You require precision from your miter saw and this device gives you that. The DEWALT 10 in. Compound Miter Saw’s exact miter framework and inventive machined base wall configuration offer you long haul wall straightness from extra backing. This miter saw is constructed around an effective 15-Amp engine that conveys up to 5000 RPM to its cutting sharp edge.

Miter saws are committed cross cut saws, long tear cuts are unrealistic.

A laser aide gives an exact visual sign of where the cut will be situated on the work piece in the present setup. A few models give a solitary reference line to the other side of the kerf, while others give two lines to mirror the aggregate kerf width. An edge gatekeeper is a spread for the cutting’s teeth edge. Most cutting edge miter saws make them withdraw edge watches, which consequently withdraw when the saw is brought down onto a work piece and re-cover the sharp edge when the saw is raised. It is exceptionally hazardous to utilize the checked whether these gatekeepers are uprooted or harmed. A dust sack unites straightforwardly to the saw, and serves to gather sawdust far from the work piece amid cutting. Alternatively, numerous makers offer connectors to interface a mechanical vacuum cleaner in lieu of a pack to catch a greater amount of the dust and improve transfer. Dust evacuation with these saws is famously poor. A security cinch serves to bolt a work piece into position preceding making a cut. This is a particularly imperative element when cutting littler work pieces (eight inches or littler). The miter table is regularly under 24″ in diameter. Typically, the work should be upheld on the far end to balance out the piece while cutting.

Compound Miter Saws highlight edges that turn left and a good fit for calculated cuts and tilt in a solitary bearing for slanted cuts. Controlling the saw on both of its tomahawks without a moment’s delay yields a compound miter cut. Compound miter saws are valuable for picture casings, crown embellishment or any undertaking that requires calculated cuts in two planes. They offer the benefit of making compound cuts in one pass.

Product Overview

  • 15 Amp, 5,000 rpm motor delivers extended power and durability
  • Stainless steel detent plate with 11 positive stops provides repeatable accuracy and jobsite duability
  • Tall sliding fences support crown molding vertically 4-1/2-inch and easily slides out of the way for bevel cuts
  • Machined base fence support maintains fence perpendicularity with blade for cutting accuracy
  • Cam miter lock for quick and accurate miter table positioning; Miter detent override for fine adjustment and precise miter angles
  • DW713 Miter Saws manufactured before 2012 are Type 1, saws manufactured 2012 and after are Type 2.

Client Reviews

Great saw with all the features you need. ★★★★★

Bought the saw in Jan-08 and have been using it for a major moulding project. I’ve borrowed a Craftsman “Professional” compound miter saw in the past and learned what I would look for if I ever purchased this type of saw. When you buy this saw, I feel you get higher quality things you need, not a feature laden saw with mediocre components. You’ll appreciate the tall fence, the blade guard, a dust bag that actually catches sawdust, a high quality miter table/gauge without stickers, a 15 amp motor, and a stout and sturdy frame. The miter lock is so much nicer than a screw type, and the detent override comes in handy for those angles close but not quite at the standard angles.

The saw I used in the past would collect sawdust between the swiveling miter table and the miter gauge, eventually making it difficult to adjust your angle, eventually forcing you to take the table apart for cleaning. I’m very impressed by how smoothly this table adjusts from side to side.

For trim work, I have found you just don’t need to buy a saw with lasers and clamps and whatever else. Just buy the right saw the first time, a sturdy one like the DW713.

Good saw- great price ★★★★★

I use this on the job a lot as a pro trim carpenter. I work for myself so I have to buy tools that will last and pay for themselves many times over before having to be replaced. This one is no exception and I am very pleased with it.

I also own a 12 inch double bevel Dewalt and that is a great saw too. I user the ten inch one for most of the trim in normal house. The twleve inch is better for crown and stair work.

This saw has adequate power and does not bog down unless you really try to rush it which is a bad idea to start with. I cut plenty of hardwood with it and have had no problems.
The saw is very accurate, mine was perfect out of the box.

You should add the laser and a better blade if you want to use this to it’s full potential. Well for trim anyway, the blade on it is ok for general use.

I do precision work and this saw does good for me (With a better blade than comes on it). I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a good ten inch saw.
I like the dewalt miter saw stand too, it works well with this and all dewalt saws.

I reccomend this as a pro carpenter, it is a good tool.

Best 10″ Saw period. ★★★★

I purchased the factory reconditioned version of this product and was amazed that when I unpacked it the saw didn’t even look like it was used. It came in a brown box but when opened you would have thought it was a brand new saw. I have owned 3 other miter saws, Craftsman, Hitachi and Makita and far and away this one is better. First, the quality of the construction is much better as it has less plastic pieces where it matters, table, fence, miter gauge and back throat. Second the miter gauge is the absolute best as it is metal and it has all the relevant notches for angles. Plus it the angles are much more accurate than the other saws. Third the dust collection is excellent even without a vac attached. The others tend to allow saw dust to go everywhere while the Dewalt shoots it straight out the back. Fourth the quality of the cut is better right out of the box with the blade it came with. While this is easily changed with the other saws it was nice. I cut primarily base board molding and crown molding with my saw. The base board molding is 3 1/2″ and the crown is 3″. No problem with cut sizes or having enough capacity available to do the job.

Benefits of DEWALT DW713

  • Quick, accurate cuts will be easy to do with the help of this compound miter saw. I have used it before to do some simple tasks and cutting was very fast and easy. The cuts I did were all precise.
  • This product is lightweight. One of the problems that I sometimes have is trying to balance the miter saw on my hands because it comes to a point when other products become too heavy. This is not something that I can worry about with the DW713.
  • The miter system is very easy to adjust. If things are not going according to plan, I just adjust the settings of the miter saw and it improves my work tremendously.
  • There are positive stops that will allow the product to be used without the need to hold on to the handles all the time just to keep the position of the miter saw in one place.

DEWALT DW713 Review

Bottom line
Reviews call DeWalt’s DW713 “brawny,” with a large cutting capacity and enough power to slice through thick rough-cut lumber. Stuart Deutsch at Popular Mechanics says the DW713 is a high-quality saw that does not require as much space to operate as the Craftsman MiterMate, and he recommends it for both “professionals and advance DIYers.” Owners add that it is accurate right out of the box, with a durable build that lasts for years.

Accurate and powerful. The DW713 has a wide miter range (to 50 degrees) and bevel range (to 48 degrees), with solid detent overrides for cutting imperfect angles. It “has a very tall fence and a generous vertical capacity compared to other 10-inch saws,” explains Deutsch, adding that the DW713 “offers more support than the MiterMate (21226) when cutting baseboard vertically, and the DeWalt can handle wider crown molding than the MiterMate,” all features adding to its accuracy. At, one owner says the “15-amp, 5000-rpm motor always zips through anything I feed it without complaint.” The included carbide blade is decent, according to reviews, though many owners upgrade to a higher-quality blade for a smoother finish.

Ease of use
Straightforward controls. Owners say adjusting the miter and bevel settings on the DW713 is uncomplicated; the “controls are easy to understand and use,” reports an customer. According to Stuart Deutsch at Popular Mechanics, in comparison to the Craftsman MiterMate 21226 (Est. $200) , transferring angles on the DeWalt “entails the usual complexity” of calculations and test cuts. The MiterMate is user friendlier in this regard. Reviewers also appreciate the blade brake, which quickly stops the blade after the saw is turned off, and say dust collection is above average. The DW713 “is about as portable and job-site flexible as they get,” says Deutsch. “It can be set up on a universal miter-saw stand quickly and with little effort.”

Brawny and reliable. Most owner reviews say the DW713 is sturdy and reliable, even after several years of use. In their test, Popular Mechanics editors find the DW713 “feels more robust, with bigger knobs, built-in angle markings and firm adjustments.” The DW713 doesn’t include a built-in laser or other accessories, and some users say the add-ons are pricey and not always compatible. DeWalt’s warranty protection is more extensive than the average one year for miter saws: in addition to covering the DW713 for three years, a one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee are included.

General Safety Precaution for Miter Saws

It’s very important to know your product. Read first the manual then apply precautionary measures. Miter saw may make job easier and faster but with a single mistake it may cause your life. Safety first!