Hitachi C10FCE2

Hitachi C10FCE2

The Hitachi C10FCE2 10 in. compound Miter Saw has a 15 Amp engine that is sufficiently solid for the hardest cutting jobs, exceptional force for the hardest slicing jobs Up to 52 degrees miter point reach, to one side and left for expanded flexibility Up to 48 degree angle extent, to one side with movable incline stops for exactness cuts horizontal handle with delicate, vibration lessening Elastomer hold includes solace and control large amplified flip wall, brings to 4 up in. for cutting crown shaping vertically large table, gives better material support thumb impelled positive stops. The C10FCE2 is likewise intended to be agreeable to use with a flat handle and elastomer grasp with exceeding power. This Miter Saw is very handy at just 26.5 lbs., so you can transport it to and from the job site with ease and is the lightest in its class to encourage mobility. Simple to use for speedy miter adjustments carbon brush access, permits client to supplant brush as expected to incredibly draw out the life of the tool-dust authority connection, to minimize airborne particles.

Product Specs

  • Hitachi’s Laser Marker System for increased cutting accuracy
  • 0-52 Degree miter angle range, to the right and left for increased flexibility
  • 0-45 Degree bevel angle range, to the left with adjustable bevel stops for precision cuts
  • Large pivoting flip fence, raises 4″ for cutting crown molding vertically
  • Horizontal handle with soft, vibration reducing Elastomer grip adds comfort and control

Costumer Review

Excellent quality precision tool ★★★★★

Normally I’m a dewalt loyalist, but to be honest what drew me to the hitachi saw was the folding frame style fence and sub frame/fence on the right side (optional) that extend its flexibility to hold onto longer pieces of wood and provide support over a longe distance. That combined with the clamp system hitachi designed for left or right hand feed lets you setup your workpiece firmly in the fence, turn on the laser, and make the cut with your hands nowhere near the wood becuase it is so well clamped down. I’ve had miter saws kick off pieces when I square up the end of a feed piece and this system doesnt have that tendency due to the clamps provided (you get a hand tightened t-nut in the base, a 3/8″ rod, and then another vertical clamp to that rod that drops down to your workpiece with a 1.5″ disc which you can twist down to hold the work in place securely. No hands required during the cut. Avoiding any kickback is a nice feature during operation of the saw.

I make picture frames using an electric

My First Miter Saw ★★★★★

While I am not new to power tools (I am an avid DIY’r, and HVAC tech). This was my first purchase of a powered compound miter saw. I had no problems with the manual that came with it, besides who really reads those? The unit for the most part is self explanitory. I had it mounted to my bench downstairs in about 20 mins, plus 15 mins to go to the hardware store for some lag bolts. Operation and adjustments were easy. Cuts like a dream. The only thing i can say bad about it, isnt really bad. I would have liked to be able to cut 8″ baseboard with it but it doesnt have the capacity. I should have done more research prior. But for all my other uses, crown moulding, quarter-round, trimming out a window, I had fun and they look great. I would recomend this saw for those who arent looking to spend an arm and a leg. Plus as an added bonus, it’s super light for mobility.

Great Saw, Great Amazon Price!~ ★★★★★

I bought this same saw about a year ago at Lowes, I paid something like $150 for it. It’s a great saw, really smooth and comfortable to use. Works great for cutting trim boards, but I’ve also used it as a chop saw to cut 2×6’s, it doesn’t bog down one bit when cutting larger stock. It’s a little heavy, but to me that just means it’s built better. It’s also quiet compared to other miter saws I’ve used. This is definitely a great deal! I’m almost tempted to buy a second as a backup!

Step by Step Usage of Hitachi C10FCE2

The Hitachi C10FCE2 is a great miter saw that is very convenient, handy and easy to use. It made manual works faster and a lot easier. If you are a do it yourselfer, then this is definitely for you.

About A Miter Saw

A miter saw, also called chop saw is a crucial expansion to any workshop. It is a saw used to make precise crosscuts and miters in a workpiece. Whether you are an occupied expert with a substantial workload or a submitted do-it-yourselfer hoping to handle another home change extend, an extensive variety of accessible choices guarantee you’ll discover only the right answer for match the applications and materials you most every now and again manage. Miter saws are accessible in a mixed bag of designs. Distinctive sizes are more qualified to specific materials, and every sort offers particular slicing capacities to coordinate the necessities of specific applications. Miter saws frequently oblige an assortment of round cutting edges, each intended to handle different undertakings for more prominent adaptability and flexibility in the matter of handling your next employment. Whether you pick a standard miter saw for essential cutting or a sliding compound model for more propelled usefulness, the right saw can significantly decrease the time it takes you to finish simple things like cutting trim and rafters or even the pieces to make your own particular picture frame.

Forms of Miter Saw

This saw pivots from a single point with the blade always cutting square to the table. Typically, this saw is used to cut miters across the width of a board by swinging the saw table to the left or to the right. In this case, the face of the board lies flat on the saw table with the edge tight against the fence. A standard chopsaw also can cut a bevel with the board on edge and with one face held against the fence.

This saw can cut miters like a standard chopsaw, but the blade and motor assembly also can flop over to one side, allowing you to cut a bevel with the face of the board lying flat on the table. You also can cut a miter and a bevel at the same time—a compound miter—which is used for joining crown molding as well as for framing roofs and cutting stairs.

This tool can cut miters, bevels and compound miters like a compoundmiter saw. Instead of a fixed pivot point, however, the blade and motor assembly can slide forward and back on a rail. A sliding saw can cut significantly wider stock than a fixedhead saw.

This saw functions exactly like a sliding compound-miter saw, except the blade and motor assembly can flop either to the left or to the right, allowing you to cut bevels and compound miters in either direction. The key advantage here is that you can cut a board with the miter and bevel oriented the same way it will be installed, which can save a lot of head scratching

What are the components of Miter saw?

Look for features that can make your work easier and offer greater versatility

• Amps measure the power of the saw motor. Higher amps mean more cutting power.
• Blade size is an important consideration in selecting a miter saw. The most common miter saw sizes are 8, 10 and 12 inches. Keep in mind that larger diameter blades are able to make longer cuts.
• Positive stops are factory set points that let you quickly make precise cuts on specific angles. More positive stops decrease the time needed to set up cuts. Some saws feature thumb-activated stops for quick adjustments.
• Depth stops let you adjust the height of the blade, controlling how deeply it cuts into the work piece.
• Articulated blade guards keep the guard clear of the stock, so you have a better view of the cutting line. When you raise the saw, the guard lowers to completely cover the blade.
• Electric brakes reverse the flow of electricity in the saw motor when you release the trigger. Reversing the current stops the blade’s momentum quickly. Electric brakes can stop the blade in as little as two seconds, much quicker than a blade on a saw without this feature.
• Spindle or shaft locks immobilize the shaft and blade, making it much easier to change the blade.
• Dust chutes and blowers help move sawdust from the cutting area.
• Dust bags mount directly to the saw and collect sawdust.
• Table extensions connect to the sides of the saw and support longer stock to give an accurate cut.
• Sliding and flip fences give added support to taller stock for standard miter cuts. You can then slide or flip them out of the way to make bevel cuts or to support longer work pieces.
• Laser guides and guide lights project a beam or cast a shadow onto the work piece, helping you accurately guide your cuts.
• Digital displays provide easy-to-read bevel and miter setting information.