Ridgid R4120

Ridgid R4120

Compound miter saws are very flexible. It has a rotating vertical pivot allowing the cutter head & blade to be tilted sideways in addition to the horizontally rotating table. This also allows vertical and horizontal angled cuts as well as cuts angled in both planes. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your miter saw. Some of which are: what type of blade, an accurate miter, a dependable bevel/compound and other accessories like laser for easier cutting guide line, strong miter saw stand, dust bag for catching the dust, adjustable rear fences, extension arms and work piece clamps. So many things to consider and these are just some to choose from. One of the great miter saw is the Ridgid R4120.

The RIDGID 15 amp 12 in. Compound Miter Saw with Laser features a heavy duty engine that conveys up to 4000 RPM to assist you with driving through hard woods and extreme occupations. You can make slant slices from 3 to 48 degrees and miter slices from 0 to 50 degrees for flexibility for a wide assortment of cuts. The Exactline laser arrangement framework makes it simple to adjust the edge to the cut line.

Product Overview

  • Ergonomic D-Handle – for improved grip and handling
  • 15 Amp Motor – heavy duty motor powers through the most difficult cuts
  • Work Clamp with Quick-Release Lever – securely holds material in place
  • Sliding Miter Fence – provides support for wider material. Adjusts for bevel cuts
  • Repeat-A-Cut Marking Surface – allows user to mark fence for repetitive cuts

Costumer Review

Excellent Saw ★★★★★

I bought this saw to save a little money from buying a new saw. I figured that what ever went wrong when it was new was fixed at the factory. I have used this saw many times and it works perfectly! I checked to make sure that the saw blade was perfectly square and it was dead on. I would highly recommend this saw to anyone that is looking for a good compound miter saw.

Miter saw review ★★★★★

Have had this saw for about a year now and it is fantastic. Very accurate with angles, the laser is easy to see while cutting and lots of power to cut through stuff. Would recomend to anyone. My brother now has one and loves it as well.

Good Basic Miter Saw ★★★★

I’ve had this saw for about six years and can’t really complain. It’s a pretty good saw for the price. It’s not top of the line, but neither is the price. I have had no problems in the time I have owned it. I replaced the blade with a 12″ Freud Diablo and it cuts great. Smooth cuts every time. The dust collection is just OK. Even with a shop vac hooked up there will still be some saw dust that doesn’t go in the collection port. The laser works great. Just remember that the laser will be 1/16″ to the left of where the cut will be. That’s because the laser is mounted on the sawblade/arbor. It uses some small batteries and only turns on when the saw is running because the switch works by centripetal force. With light use, the laser’s batteries lasted about 4 or 5 years. They were easy to change. The miter action works fine. I wouldn’t call it smooth (like some of the higher-end saws, like the Bosch) but it’s not rough either. There are stops at 45 and 33.something for crown molding. The bevel action is OK also. The scale for the bevel adjustment is hard to get absolutely perfect, so for precision work use an angle finder of one sort or another. There are no stops on the bevel adjustment.

My saw (which was bought at the orange big-box store) came with a powder-coated stamped steel stand. Very basic but functional. The one gripe that I do have about this saw is that the bolt holes in the saw base do not line up exactly with the holes in the stand. I don’t think I’ve ever used the detachable vise. The cutting capacity is pretty good. It will easily cut a 4″x4″.

All in all, I think it is a good middle of the road saw. It’s not a seven hundred dollar Bosch, but is alot better than a 99 dollar Ryobi. I’ve been happy with it

Ridgid R4120: Discussing Further

This is a perfect saw if you are looking at buying something that is worth the money. It is a long term investment for those regularly uses a saw for cutting. RIDGID tools are used globally  in plants, on construction sites and in countless other harsh environments. Ridgid R4120 12 Inch Compound Miter Saw delivers in terms of performance. It is the right example for technology that is not only advanced but user friendly as well. The ergonomic D-Handle and the laser make the grip better and give you a very precise cut. The Repeat-A-Cut marking surface with an extended bevel and miter ranges, backed by a 15 Amp heavy motor will satisfy all your cutting needs  and can be used in all kinds of conditions.

Ridgid has won the confidence of many through their easy to use yet innovative and highly efficient products. Here are some thing you might want to keep in mind before buying Ridgid  R4120 Saw 12-Inch Compound Miter with Laser.

15 Amp Heavy motor to give you smooth and precise cutting in all situations
An improved version of D-Handle that gives you a better grip while working
2-1/2-inch dust port  that does a brilliant job to keep the work area clean
Repeat A cut marking surface that eases and saves time on repetitive cuts
A extended left hand table that will give you additional material support
A no load speed of 4000 rpm
Powerful laser system that cuts through a range of materials
The saw’s laser alignment system helps you align the blade with the cut line
Sliding miter fence, significantly makes it easier to work with wide materials
The Soft Touch Controls are an added benefit for better grip
Miter Capacities of 0 to 47 degrees
Extended bevel ranges go from -3 degrees to 47 degrees
Crown molding stops backed by the extended miter and bevel ranges provide you a great number of cuts with the same saw
The miter detent thumbwheel releases the thumbwheel and miter detent index points hassle free
The adjustable laser guide, table extension, carbide-tipped blade, dust bag, dust guide, work clamp, blade wrench, hex key and operator’s manual only makes it worthwhile and worth every penny
The throat plate has zero clearance which gives your materials maximum support
The saw has a work clamp to hold the materials firmly in place while cutting ensuring clean cuts
Final Thoughts
All in all Ridgid R4120 12 Inch Compound Miter Saw is the best buy in it’s category as it offers a wide range of cuts with maximum precision.  It can be a bit tricky in the beginning with the laser and the bevel adjustments.  The R4120 12 Inch Compound Miter Saw is durable in all aspects and features and is highly recommended.

One Of The Most Important Part Of The Miter Saw: The Blade

Without the blade of the miter saw, you can’t cut the the wood. That is why it is very important to take good care of it. Check it regularly, give extra care, and most importantly read your manual to generally know what to do about your miter saw.

What Are The Things To Consider When Doing A Review

Factors of Miter Saw Reviews
In order to understand miter saw reviews, it is necessary to understand the various features and aspects of miter saws which are considered when they are being evaluated. Because there is such a wide range of equipment available, miter saw reviews touch on basic, compound, sliding compound, and cordless options. Knowing what to consider when choosing a miter saw is vital to making a choice in purchasing. Basic design features, precision factors, purchase options, and other factors are all part of the process in determining the best possible value in a miter saw for each individual’s purposes.

Basic Design Features
There are some features, whether considered to be benefits or drawbacks to the user, which are basics of all miter saw designs. For instance, the weight, blade, power, and other factors are all present in a miter saw, they simply differ between models and brands. Effectively weighing benefits of each will allow the miter saw reviews to assist in making the best possible decision.

Single or Dual Bevels – Compound saws may either contain a single bevel which tilts to the left, or a dual bevel which will tilt both ways.  Dual bevels which are able to cut both ways are particularly useful for crown molding and other detailed carpentry. These dual bevels provide much more convenience and allow for efficient use of time, effort, and energy.
Blades – Good quality miter saw blades are typically made with carbide tips in order to remain sharp. Of course, they are more expensive but will last longer as well. Steel blades are also standard for miter saws but are usually not as durable as those with carbide. Blades will range in size from 8-12 inches and will contain between 28 (low quality) teeth and up to 60 teeth (high quality), which will impact the quality of the cut and the durability of the blade.
Locks – Of course, in order to make an accurate cut, and to maintain the utmost safety, it is necessary to have locks incorporated into the design of miter saws. One of the locks is used in order to set angles and allows for accuracy and precision in cutting. The other lock is often designed as a pin used to keep the head in place for storage and transportation in order to avoid accidents. Some saws have slide locks on the rails that keep the blade from moving as well.
Weight – Lighter weight than any standard radial saw, miter saws are still quite heavy. Weighing between 35 and 60 pounds, the weight will be affected by the design, the material it is composed of, the size, and various other aspects. Some excessively lightweight saws are made to be extremely portable, but of course are not as functional or capable as a heavier saw might be.
Power – The amount of RPM for a miter saw may range anywhere between 3200 and 5000 and will determine how much spin is on the blade and the speed at which it can spin. This is measured in Revolutions Per Minute (RPMs). This is partially determined by the size of the motor. In general, most experts in miter saw reviews believe that a miter saw with a higher RPM will function well for a longer amount of time, with greater durability, than a lower RPM model will. Of course, a high RPM miter saw will also come with a larger upfront price tag.